Who we are

We are a network that addresses the challenges of implementing FAIR principles to the various domains of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH). In other words, we are here to accompany the SSH communities in their journey toward making their data and publications Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR).

The road to FAIR is a scientific blog of the CO-OPERAS GOFAIR Implementation Network for the FAIRification of SSH data and publications. Funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR), CO-OPERAS gathers various actors of the SSH research, in Europe and beyond, and is currently coordinated by members of the OPERAS RI.

Our objectives 

The road to FAIR offers the SSH community a place to discuss FAIR principles and the FAIRification process, contemplating the specificities of the domain. In more specific terms, we aim to strengthen the communication culture within the SSH community, discuss relevant concepts, share standards and good practices, and leverage existing services and infrastructures. At the same time, as FAIR principles are general and unspecific, we intend to contribute to the advancement of FAIR-implementation methods by taking into account the specific practices (and even data concepts) of the SSH communities.

Our community

Our community comprises the various actors within the SSH disciplines and communities (researchers, professors, graduate, and even undergraduate students). Regarding the level of FAIR experience, the blog is for both experts and beginners in FAIRification. Experts can find a place for communication and dissemination of their work. They can offer insights, share good practices, make tutorials, etc. Novices can find the information they need, learn about FAIRification and its related aspects (ex. licenses and PIDs). All the actors can meet their peers and find support. 


The road to FAIR focuses on FAIR principles and the process of FAIRification of data, research, and publications in the framework of the SSH. To do so, we organize our communication around a few different axes that constitute the blog sections.

  • What you need to know

In this section, you will find out what you need to learn to take the road to FAIR data, research and publications.  Here we talk about the FAIR principles and the FAIRification process focusing especially on the technical aspects associated with the different constitutive elements (including descriptions, methods, difficulties, etc.).

  • Traveling companions

This is where you can discover different partners to accompany you in this journey. In this section you can find information on which and how efforts are combined and coordinated, you can discover different networks and collaboration projects. 

  • Traveling stories

In this section, those who have already taken the road to FAIR share their stories. You can find experiences of FAIR implementation, examples of standards and good practices, FAIRification projects, etc.

  • What you can take with you

In this section, you will find out the resources (e.g., tools, software, applications), which can assist you in the journey to FAIRification.

  • News

This section is dedicated to the announcement of news and events related to FAIR principles and FAIRification.

What we do

The road to FAIR publishes the texts produced by our team and the contributions sent by the SSH community members. 

If you want to send your contribution, check the Advice for Contributors page.

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