FAIR Festival 2021: Advancing Data and Science


The GO FAIR Initiative organized a summer festival to “celebrate the FAIR shift in research data management.” The festival has two major goals: to continue to progress from the achievements that have already been made and to prepare the grounds for the community’s future actions. You can check the program here.

The FAIR Festival will take place on June 21-23, and the registrations are open.


CO-OPERAS IN will be there on June 21st, in the GO Build section, presenting the FAIRification guidelines for academic publishing services (SSH).

Academic publications are a crucial part of the research in Social Sciences and Humanities; thus, the advanced FAIRification of such publications is fundamental for increasing visibility, dissemination, and hence reuse possibilities. Having that in mind, CO-OPERAS IN is developing a FAIR publishing toolkit that will guide publishing platforms in the understanding, assessing, and planning the FAIRification of an academic publication system.

Join CO-OPERAS In in the FAIR Festival and participate in the developing of the FAIR Publishing Toolkit.


Cite this article as: Karla Avanço, "FAIR Festival 2021: Advancing Data and Science," in The road to FAIR, 16/06/2021, https://roadtofair.hypotheses.org/164.

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